Children Vision And Eye Health

Our experienced optometrist has the expertise and specialised equipment to perform eye examination for babies, infants and children, and provide

diagnose and manage visual and eye health conditions accurately and efficiently. For conditions required to be managed by ophthalmologists or other medical professionals, referrals and appointments can be arranged swiftly. 


Our optometrist worked in an eye specialist clinic in a hospital. He is a certified and registered as therapeutic endorsed optometrists in Australia, therefore, he is able to prescribe many eye medications to treat common eye conditions.

Some of our cases have been diagnosed and managed are as below:

Spectacles For 3 Years Old With Uncorrected Long-sightedness And Intermittent Eye-turn

3 year old girl came in and her mother reported that the left eye of her daughter turn in quite often for about 1 month, especially when she was tired. Her GP couldn't diagnose, suspect behavioral causes and recommended her to consult an ophthalmologist. However, her mother came in to consult our optometrist for a second opinion.

During the initial consultation, the girl was unrest and refused to have her eye covered for testing visual acuity and auto-refraction. However, objective testing showed high long-sightedness. In the second visit, special eyedrops were applied to relax the muscles inside eyeballs temporarily for confirming the prescription and checking internal eye health. Constant use of spectacles were prescribed for correcting the high long-sightedness and intermittent eye-turn.

In the subsequent visits, her mother reported that

her left eye never turn in with her spectacles on. The spectacles helped her eyes focus easier and also name color correctly. Every morning when she wake up, she looked for her spectacles and put them on automatically. After using the spectacles, her daughter became less irritable and much happier.

Guide: Children do not usually complain about their vision because they do not have any experience for comparison. Uncorrected vision and/or eye conditions can have severe negative impact on various aspects of children development, such as vision, learning, intellectual, self-esteem, personality and behavioral. These could have a huge life-long impact on their development and future. It is extremely important for children to have thorough, in-depth specialty eye examinations for maximising their full potential and minimising any negative consequences. Your children deserve good vision, good development, good future and good lives!

Contact Lens Fitting For 1 Year Old Baby After Congenital Cataract Removal

1 year old baby with congenital cataracts removal  required pedriatric contact lenses because intra-ocular lens implants were not recommended.

He was under general anaesthesia in an operation theatre at Tang Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. I performed objective refraction for measuring

prescription, and hand-held auto-keratometry for measuring corneal curvature, in order to design a custom-made soft contact lenses for him. 

Clear retinal images are important to provide clear vision for children and that is also cruical for the normal development of their vision before the critical period.

After the lenses arrived, I provide the instructions to his parents regarding insertion, removal and caring the contact lenses for the baby.