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Infomation about Glory Eyecare Optometrists



Management of Personal Health Information - The practice has strict guidelines on confidentiality, patient consent, consent for a 3rd party to obtain information, transferring of health information and access and security of personal health information.  It adheres to the The National Privacy Principles Act and the Health Records and Information Act.


All personal information is stored on a program specific, encrypted computer data base.



Your Optometrists or our staff will attempt to contact you immediately via contact details supplied. 



Our staff will contact you via phone (and text message) to advise that you need to make an appointment to see your Optometrists. If our attempts to contact you are unsuccessful, a letter might be forwarded to your address to contact us for an appointment.


If your results are NORMAL we will NOT routinely contact you. You are welcome to phone us to check if your results have been returned to us, but you will have to make an appointment to discuss these results.


At no time are results provided to you over the phone due to confidentiality laws.



Patients are contacted for recalls and reminders via text message and phone calls. If our attempts at contact are unsuccessful, a letter might be forwarded to your address to contact us for an appointment. Confidential information is not included in these letters.



The practice is committed to supporting all optometrists, optical dispensers and administration staff to participate in on-going education. At times we may have training optometrists and other staff at the practice.


Optometrists do NOT provide telephone consultations. You can contact our practice and leave a message for your Optometrist and he/she may return your call or ask you to come in for an appointment. If in an emergency situation, please contact our practice and inform the reception staff who will seek advice.



For after hours medical attention when we closed, please seek the nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

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