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Appointment Infomation 


Things to do before the appointments:

  1. Register/update the bank account details with Medicare for rebates (Call 13 20 11 or visit

  2. Check the balance of health fund benefits and Gapsaver or equivalent (if any) and switch it "On" to allow direct claiming.

For every appointment, please bring the patient's latest:

  1. Medicare card

  2. Health fund card (with optical cover)

  3. Concession cards, e.g. Pension, Senior and DVA card

  4. Current glasses and contact, and their information

  5. Referral and reports

  6. List of medications and allergies


To Change or Cancel Appointment:

Please call 9343 0278 within 4 business hours prior to the appointment. If nobody answers your call, please leave a message in our answering machine. To avoid missing appointments, please call us before you can come in or walk-in and queue. Due to the high number of non-attendances and cancellations of appointments, we charge $80 for initial consultation and $40 for subsequent consultation to cover part of our costs; that is neither attended nor cancelled within 4 business hours of the appointment time. The access to the record and services will be suspended until accounts are paid. By introducing this policy, we hope patients will carefully make and keep their appointments and only cancel them if really necessary so that others are able to access them if required.  If you have any concerns, please speak to our Reception staff.

Optional Testings

1.  Dilated Retinal Examination 

We do not usually perform this in the initial consultation. However, sometimes this is required for unexpected emergency cases. This takes about 1 hour and vision will become blurry and sensitive to light; driving is not recommended for about 2-3 hours. Please bring sunglasses, wait until you can drive, arrange a driver or use public transport.

2.  Contact Lens Teach Consultation

Before coming in, please cut and file the fingernails, wash the hands with hand wash and dry them with air dryer or lint-free towel.

3.  Cycloplegic Refraction 

We do not usually perform this in the initial consultation. This is a special procedure used to determine complete refractive error by applying special eye drops to temporarily relaxe the muscles that aid in focusing. This takes about 1.5 to 2 hours and vision will be blurry and sensitive to light for about 24 hours, and driving is not recommended. Sunglasses can help to minimise glare.

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