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Enjoy sharp vision with fantastic lenses.



Our finest quality lenses are crafted by lens company Hoya and Nikon from Japan, Essilor from France and Rodenstock from Germany .

Being an independent optometrist means we can offer you many more choices. Lenses are not all equal, especially with today's advanced digitally-surfaced lenses. Different lens manufacturers have different approaches and technologies incorporated into their lens designs, surface coatings and treatments.

As eyewear experts, we can provide you our professional recommendations. Or if you have a brand preference for your lenses we can also help source your favourite lens for your new glasses.





We will recommend the best type of correction for your needs during your detailed eye test.

Single Vision Lenses


Lenses set for one viewing distance - for near, far or intermediate. With single vision lenses you may need more than one pair of glasses to cater for different focusing distances and visual tasks.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Anti-fatigue lenses are a new generation of lenses designed for our digital lifestyle. They help reduce symptoms of eye tiredness and headaches associated with extended usage of computer screens, smart phones and other digital devices — tasks that most of us do everyday — by relaxing the focusing muscles of our eyes.

Progressive Lenses

Enjoy the convenience and versatility of continuous viewing zones from distance to near in one seamless lens for the most natural vision. See clearly far away, up close and in-between without taking your glasses on and off or changing to different pairs. Progressive lenses appear to others like regular lenses, with no visible dividing lines, so you can look your best, and feel younger. However, some people might need additional pair(s) for wider field of view and more comfortable posture, such as for computers and reading. Also known as multifocal, varifocal, or graduated lenses.

​We have available the latest personalized digital freeform progressive lenses that provide clearer, more comfortable vision, wider viewing zones from distance to near, and minimal peripheral distortion. Giving you sharper vision for everything you do.


Bifocal Lenses


Clear distance and reading vision with lenses sectioned into two distinct zones with a dividing line. This is the traditional bifocal lens with a separate, visible reading segment in the lower half of the lens. Progressive lenses are generally the better choice for all-round vision, but bifocal lenses are available for those who are accustomed to them.


Extended Focus Lenses


Extended focus lenses are seamless dual-focus lenses ideal for computer and reading with a more extended viewing range than standard single vision reading glasses. Also great for kids and students needing help with near focusing while also needing clear distance vision simultaneously. We have different designs of extended focus lenses available.





SuperClear Coating


Anti-reflective coating.

​​​See better.

Cuts reflections for clearer vision day and night.

Look better.

See your eyes with lenses that look invisible.

​Feel better.

Protection from glare means less eye strain.

Available optional lens coating enhancements include:

Anti-smudge for less cleaning

UV Filter for extra protection against the sun

SuperClear XTRA for greater scratch resistance

Blue light block coating to guard against potentially harmful blue light from LED screens and digital devices.


Thin Lenses

Thinner and lighter lenses - for great looking and comfortable glasses.


Thin | ​1.53-1.60

Ideal for medium prescriptions. Tougher and safer for kids too.

Super Thin | 1.67

For moderate-to-high prescriptions (+/- 3D to 6D)

Ultra Thin | 1.74

The thinnest lenses for higher prescriptions (over +/-6D)


UV Protection

Protection from harsh Australian sunlight is vital for good eye health, for people of all ages.

Transitions Signature VII

Photochromatic UV-blocking lenses that automatically change with light conditions.

Transitions Vantage

Polarised photochromatic lenses for even crisper, sharper vision outdoors.


The best sunglass lenses available for filtering out glare and UV.

UV coating

An invisible coating that blocks harmful UVA and UVB radiation. A tint can also be added.

Learn more about Transitions Vantage lenses:


Blue Light Protection

Lenses that protect your eyes from potentially harmful blue light emitted by LED screens and digital devices. Choose Essilor's Crizal Prevencia and HOYA's BlueControl coatings for the ultimate in blue light eye protection.


​More comfortable.

Too much blue light exposure can cause eye strain and headaches.

Sleep better.

Blue light disturbs your body's natural clock, affecting your sleep.

Better eye health.

Blue light may increase risk of long-term eye damage and macular degeneration.

​Link to an article by the American Macular Degeneration Foundation.

Learn more about Crizal Prevencia blue light blocking lenses:



Driving Lenses

Lenses designed for the most demanding driving conditions and changing visibility.


Introducing the new Rodenstock Road driving lenses. Engineered in Germany, these innovative lenses provide optimised optics for clearer vision behind the wheel, premium anti-reflective coating and a slight 12% filter tint to minimise headlight glare, providing sharper vision in low light. For your safety.

Progressive Lenses

In some situations you may have experienced limitations of vision with progressive lenses. This might occur whilst you are walking and the objects in your vision appear to be moving, when you wear progressive lenses for the first time, or when your prescription has changed and you find the lenses uncomfortable.

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