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The purpose of these blogs is to educate the public to think and act correctly in order to avoid serious consequences related to vision and eye health. In my over 30 year professional experience, I have seen so many people and cases have the incorrect concepts, thinking and actions which lead to unfavourable and even really bad outcomes. These causes dissatisfaction, confusion, unhappiness, permanent vision loss and even loss of life. Some of them were even highly educated such as medical professionals. I believe the fundamental issues are misconception of optometry and incorrect values on their vision and eyes.

1. A 30+ year old mother came in with her young son and requested our optometrist to have a quick look at his eye after it was scratched today. After knowing Medicare do not fully cover the eye examination, she asked whether GP can handle his case and said that she would try some eye drops at home.

There are a few misconceptions here which can lead to potential serious consequences, such as permanent blindness of one eye of her son.

1. "Quick look" means short and free eye examination service. 

To be continued..... 

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